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I love my kindle. I got my kindle as a gift from my wife because she knows I love to read. At first I wasn't very excited because computer screens really hurt my eyes, but this thing is great. It has an amazing screen that has some mind boggling technology that makes it look just like real paper. At first I was also a little sad because I couldn't put the books I already own on it, but then I realized I can buy new books and I never have to go to the book store again because I can get any book I want downloaded directly to it. It was awesome when I was on vacation and I was reading the Sookie Stackhouse series of books and I could just get the next one in the series right there on the beach. The kindle is great a, but little expensive. It is good for travel because you can get any book and it doesn't take up much space. I love mine and I'm thinking about getting the newer model soon. Fathers' day is coming up soon after all. Hint. Hint.   J.S. Des Moines, IA

  I really like my new Kindle. It is lightweight and easy to use. No more buying paperback books and not knowing what to do with used books. The most amazing feature is that whatever type of book you want to read, there are many titles and authors at your immediate disposal. Amazon has partnered with content publishers which means it functions like an iPod. The only drawback is the price. I thought the $350 price tag was a bit steep. However, I am reading more now that I have my kindle. My only sugguestion to improve the Kindle is to lower the price. I guess that will come with time.  A.R. age 24

  This is on e ugly machine, which could be a turn off to some people. The setting for the readout or gray settings are limited to 4. i have used the Sony reader which has more settings. I like the fact that you can save your place and always come back to where you left off. the scroll wheel and dictionary lookup is very helpful and works good. Using the backlight I experienced some eye strain so didn't use it long The wireless capabilities, in my opinion, need to be improved as I have problems when roaming. not exactly sure how that all works or why the problem. But no one seem to be able to tell me why I have a problem. Storage capacity is adequate at about 200 or so books and offerings do include most of the Times top sellers.  J.L. New York NY

  I have used the Kindle for a few months now, and suffice to say it, the Kindle has exceded my expectations for an ebook reader. I will admit that I am new to ebook readers, and the Kindle has been very impressive. There were some concerns in the beginning that the reader would be flimsy and require delicate usage. But after months of using it, I havent noticed anything flimsy about it, although some heavy handed users would disagree. I have let my brothers and father use my Kindle, and they have also been impressed with it. My kindle can hold a plethora of books and has the battery power to back that up. My kindle can be used moderately for several weeks before I need to recharge its batteries. Some would say the Kindle looks ugly, but I would disagree and say that it looks terrific.

  The kindle is definitely an amazing tool for anyone who enjoys reading. You no longer need to carry around all of your books just in case you'd like to read one. The kindle offers a 200 title memory capacity and it can be expanded with an SD card. You may even run out of books to add before you run out of memory. The only real issue i have with the kindle is the light text. Sometimes it's difficult to read and we all know that can lead to headaches. It's never got to that point but i'm hoping they fix it in later versions. T.J. Aspen, CO

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