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Customer Review Kindle 2

Customer Reviews of the New Kindle 2 (cont.)

  I have one of the just released Kindle models. I loved my old one so much that I passed it on to a friend and upgraded to see what the new generation had in store. So far I've been more than satisfied. I've read that the designers wanted the machine to 'disappear' as you read, and mine certainly does that. The layout is intuitive, making it easy to flip through pages, and the screen display is much more evolved than the old ebook readers of five or ten years ago- no eye strain, easy to stare at for long periods of time. There are some negatives, of course. I miss the removable SD card on my machine- it was great to have as an easy backup, or a way to switch out 'libraries' quite simply. I'm also a great fan of my local library, and wish there was a way to easily download all of the great classical, public domain information that exists so I can carry it all of the time. But as it is, there are so many things to love about this machine. I always have it with me when I travel-- it's amazing how much space it saves in my carry on luggage, now that I don't have to drag around two or three hardback novels. It also helps the budget- no more impulse buys of $27.00 new hardbacks. And I don't get behind on my newspapers- I simply download them to the machine and browse them at my convenience. I also enjoy having it at the office- if I need to quickly reference another book, there's no need to go get it from another location-- it's right at my fingertips. All in all, an investment that pays dividends for serious readers, especially those who travel frequently. R.J. Las Vegas, NV

  Over the objections of my husband, I purchased a Kindle for myself about seven months ago. It has easily become my FAVORITE possession, and I am so glad that I bought it. The initial cost is high, that's true- but the convenience and portability are, in my opinion, very much worth it. I spend over an hour on a train commuting to and from work, and it's just fantastic to have my Kindle in my purse and be able to read any one of a number of books at the click of a button. The Kindle is light and slim, so it doesn't weigh my bag down. The only con, besides the price, is the fact that not all books are available in Kindle format yet. There are some books that I'd love to be able to take on the train with me, but I can't yet because they're not available for Kindle and I really don't want to lug big hardcover novels around with me all day. However, every month more and more titles are available for the Kindle, so there's never a lack of things to read. The Kindle is a fantastic product for the commuter or traveler. If you can get past the high initial cost, it will make a worthwhile investment that you will enjoy for years to come. E.D. Idaho Falls, ID

  I just bought the Kindle 2 this April. Prior to that I have not had any experience with an e book reader. There was some hesitation on my part because I love to read books. I particularly enjoyed the different cover art etc. Once I opened the box it was very simple to work the Kindle. Everything was pretty much set up for me including the attachment to my Amazon account. It was registered already! I use the Kindle as a book reader, I mean I don't bring it around with me but I leave it at home and use it at night when I read my books. I do not subscribe to any magazines, blogs, etc. My likes: 1. Very easy to set up 2. Easy to figure out how to do the book marks, downloading, etc without me having to read a manual. I just figured stuff out. 3. Clear text and good size font. 4. Good selection of books. I liked it that it had choices for me based on my Amazon orders when I first opened the Kindle. 5. One cord needed. No fuss design. 6. Very easy to manage your digital library from your computer. My dislikes: 1. Found it a little too big to take around. 2. Had difficulty downloading to my computer when I had to travel and was not able to use Whispernet. All in all I am happy with my decision to buy the Kindle. I.W. Santa Cruz, CA

  I've owned a Kindle 2 for several weeks now and overall I am not happy with the purchase. My biggest complaints are the size of the unit and the difficulty importing PDF's. I initially thought that the size wouldn't be an issue after using a friend's first generation kindle. But after a few weeks of heavy use, I came to the conclusion that the screen was simply too small for me to be comfortable with. Also, I've got a pretty large library of PDF white papers, and conversion has been a hassle. I'd have been much happier with native PDF support. I plan on selling my kindle 2 as soon as the DX is released. If amazon were to add a backlight and a touch screen gesture based page turning system, I think those would be fantastic improvements. J.L. Denver CO

  I own the first Kindle model that has come out. I have had it since my birthday in January, and I like the little device. I use it off and on, but I do have several books in progress that I am reading, or re-reading. There are several benefits of the Kindle. For one, it makes shopping for books, and storing them, very easy. The text size can be increased or decreased to fit your preferences, and there are literally thousands of books available for the Kindle. Another benefit of the Kindle is that it is very useful for a traveler, as it will allow one to read while on the go without carrying several books for a long trip. It also has several options to allow expansion through memory cards. The Kindle itself can be used as a web browser and a MP3 player, which are major pluses, though the applications are considered experimental. You may also send files to the Kindle from your home computer. Finally, I do believe the Kindle is great because it does not require the use of paper (Saving the environment) and it doesn't require that you purchase shipping. There are also several cons to the Kindle I have. For one, it can get tedious reading from the screen after long periods of time. Two, if you are using the wireless to search for books, the battery life isn't as long. Three, there is no color. It would make it much more interesting to have a color version. With the recently enlarged screen, extended battery life, and extended storage version available, the Kindle is increasing in functionality, which increases the versatility and utility of the device for everyday readers, and businessmen alike. Overall, I really like the Kindle. It makes being a habitual reader very easy. It also makes getting subscriptions to major newspapers much easier. L.L. Van Nuys, CA

  For the most part, I have been very pleased with my Kindle. I use it mainly when traveling so that I don't have to pack many books. The convenience of the device is probably its most compelling feature. I haven't managed to break it, and when you are as clumsy as me, that really speaks to the Kindle's durability. One big negative for me is the size of the screen. I'm a fairly fast reader so I feel like I'm turning the page constantly. I'm hoping the new and bigger version solves this problem. My only other complaint (other than the cost) is the dullness of the device. Books are so colorful and vibrant! I wish my kindle had some sort of skin to jazz it up! Maybe some changeable skins that look like actual book covers? I do love my kindle and although saving up for it was a challenge, it was worth it! H.K. Portland, OR

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