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More Customer Kindle Reviews (continued..)

  I flippin' love my Kindle. I got it for my birthday recently, and I was a bit surprised... I'm a book lover. I have shelves upon shelves of good old fashioned paper books, and I was hesitant to give up the 'feeling' of paper books. They have a certain feel/smell that I find comforting... Anyway, so I wasn't exactly "thrilled" at this present, but I decided to give it a try. At first I was expected it to wreak havoc on my eyes, but it is surpringly gentle. The screen is not blaring and white, it's a gentle soothing grey hue, but it still very legible. The screen is so crisp, it's probably much better for older eyes to stare at for extended periods of time. The page turning is probably the one thing that really gets on my nerves. It takes a small, but noticable amount of time for the next page to appear. If I were in charge of development of a new Kindle, the first time I'd do is change the page turning from a button to a touch-screen swipe, a la the Apple iPhone. The battery life is amazing. It easily lasts upwards of 2 weeks, because there is no backlight in the machine... I'm finding that I use it more to read newspapers and magazines than books. I also find it's easier to impulsively buy things on the on-board Kindle shop. I think the weigth and volume of books helps you remember that you should finish the books you have before buying new ones... In digital form, you can quickly collect a vast amount of books and not realize that you've yet to read them!! weird. I do highly reccomend the Kindle, though! It is a great investment if you are an avid reader, but don't feel like lugging around the huuuge hardback books we all know. S.R. Jacksonville, FL

  I love my Kindle. It is easy to read and so convenient to take everywhere. I mainly use the Kindle at LA Fitness health club. It is perfect while on the treadmill. I find I spend more time exercising if I'm engrossed in a good book. The books are reasonably priced, but after you purchase them, they still belong to Amazon, which means you can't regift them. It is a pity you have to pay for RSS feeds. I'm always amazed at the amount of free books offered. Although I end up buying something from the author after trying a free book. Kindle needs an affiliate program. I have talked 4 people at the health club into buying one. I hear the Iphone has an AP where you can get the Kindle formatted books. Maybe I should have waited to enjoy the ease of use. T.W. Pierre, North Dakota

  My Kindle I love my kindle because it is so compact and easy to use. I do wish that the audio versions didn't sound like a robot and that there were a selection of protective covers. Does it have to be so expensive though?! A lot of my friends really want a kindle, but can't afford it - even used ones! I do love the paper-like screen, it doens't hurt your eyes like a computer screen can. All in all, it's awesome!  T.F. New York NY

  I love my Kindle! As an avid reader, it has served my needs well. It's lightweight, easily transported, and I can purchase and download new reading material anywhere in the country. It's great for traveling--no need to lug several books along--I can instantly download new books all directly to my Kindle. I've always been one to adapt to new technology quickly, and the Kindle took no time at all to learn to love! It's fun to have people ask about the Kindle, as many people in my area don't seem to be familiar with it. I become an unpaid spokesperson for the Kindle then, telling everyone what a great device it is. People want to see it and find out more about how it works. They are impressed at how new material downloads directly to the Kindle through cell phone technology, and how many books are available out there to purchase. Even my mother, who is older and is having some eye problems, enjoys reading from the Kindle. The font is clear and can be adjusted larger if she needs it. The lighting on it makes it easy to read inside and outside. So far I've had no issues with the Kindle. It always works, and always downloads new reading material for me. The prices are very reasonable for the new books--I will pay for my Kindle with the savings on new books, I am sure. So, no complaints here!  C.C. Cloverdale N.J.

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