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Kindle PDA


Kindle PDA is a new age revolution in book reading which makes the whole experience of reading a book much more sophisticated. This is a new age technology which makes e-book reading an easy and accessible option for many of us who do not like to read books on the computer. It will make reading a fun filled experience as these Kindle PDA are hand held wireless books that have a high resolution text. The Kindle PDA is loaded with power packed features that make it a deadly combination. A wireless PDA, it offers high visual clarity, adjustable font size and The New Oxford American Dictionary. It offers zero-strain feature that will keep your eyesight intact. Kindle PDA does not require PC synchronization as it is independently used with its advanced 3G wireless technology. This makes download an easy process that takes less than a minute. With this Kindle PDA, you do not have to worry about monthly rentals and bills as Kindle comes with hassle free services. Kindle PDA is a highly portable utility that weighs about 10.3 ounces and can fit into your office bag. Kindle PDA comes with expandable memory which will help you in storing a large amount of information in your hand held PDA. In order to buy the latest e-books and other useful items, Kindle PDA comes with Kindle Store that will help you in surfing and buying the books of your choice. Kindle PDA comes with QWERTY keyboard that enables you to access your entire e-library in an easy way. You can annotate texts and book mark pages for further reference. In order to provide you the latest information, Kindle PDA provides free access to www.wikipedia.org, an online encyclopedia. In order to provide high quality service, Kindle PDA comes with a high capacity battery that is fully charged in two hours flat. A single pack of Kindle PDA comes with an e-book reader, book cover, USB 2.0 cable and a power adapter.