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Sample Kindle Review from one of our customers.         


I Have recently purchased a Kindle. It is a wonderful product and am throughly enjoying it. I do have some suggestions for future models.


Change the position of buttons

If you cut the previous button to the size of the small next button and stack them at the top, and also cut the large next button to the size equal to the previous and next buttons combined and then move to the top.

What this will do is give you a good place to hold the Kindle without hitting buttons inadvertently. Currently the best place for me to hold the Kindle is between the screen and the keyboard.  However by holding it there the Kindle is top heavy and it puts strain on your wrist when you read for long periods of time.


Add a stylus/ Touch screen

In addition to the cursor scroll you could highlight with a stylus, you could highlight just the words you want instead of the whole line.

You could also access the menus easier, or touch the links.

.     It would be nice to have the screen backlit

With the option of having the screen backlit you could read in bed with the lights out or in a dark area.


Tilt adjustment legs

When reading on a desk, sometimes the glare is just wrong, if you could have little kick out legs like a keyboard (maybe with different height levels) it would eliminate the glare.


Clipping name

If you had the option to give your clipping a short name you could identify them quicker.


Really love the product, hope these suggestions help



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