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Topic: What is Kindle?


Wireless book reader


Kindle is a portable and easy to operate wireless device that downloads and lets you read e-books, news articles, e-magazines and blogs. We have designed Kindle to give you an extraordinary experience of digital reading. It has been possible due to the revolutionary invention of the electronic-paper display. Kindle has a sharp high-resolution screen that enables you to read your electronic reading material the way you read a hand written or printed paper.

Kindle electronic book reader is a small notebook like device that can be carried anywhere in the world and your eyes do not get strained the way they do when you read something on your computer screen for a prolonged period of time. Kindle displays a black and white screen that resembles a printed paper. Sit in the sunlight or sunshade, wherever it suits you and adjust the screen resolutions as per your requirement.

We have always thought of producing equipment that renders great service to our world. Our IT experts have designed Kindle with great diligence. It is wireless and you do not need any kind of electronic assistance to operate it. It uses 3G network, same as the one used in your mobile phones. We have our own wireless delivery system, Amazon Whispernet via which the web content is delivered to the Kindle.

You get access to the huge world of e-books using Whispernet, which enables you to get all the latest magazines, books and even newspapers on your Kindle in an instant. It is as if you have got a miracle in your hand, which fulfills your all demands. Whatever be the books you want, Kindle will deliver them to you instantly.

Since you buy a book only after looking at its cover and reading the content lists, Kindle allows you the facility of reading the first few pages of books for free. You can maintain a library of your favorite books on Kindle and carry it with you anywhere in the world. It has an expandable memory. You can leave the wireless on and it gets recharged automatically. It can be used for weeks without charging.